Daniel Hartmann

healthy coding


migrate old projects to php 5.3

Now, close to the release of PHP 5.4, I’ve to migrate some older projects currently using PHP 5.2 – or even older versions – to the current PHP version. After a short research, I found a nice project on github offering a configuration set for the pear PHP_CodeSniffer. (more…)


Google Analytics: reporting and management API

After some time handliung some other projects i’ve decided to update the current work on Zend_GData_Analytics and switch it to the newest api version. (more…)


ihome, iwant!

iHome Audio recently announced a new product called iHome iW1 using apples new AirPlay technology.
This speaker can be used to stream itunes music over a wireless network. And its portable, so perfectly for the next barbecue. They are planing the sell the first units in Q3 2011, so hopefully they will ship some of them to europe.

Update: so they won’t ship to europe :(


css3 – media queries

There are a lot of devices out there not handling huge display resulutions. Usually this should be webdesigners nightmare but since media queries appeared at the css horizon, life gets more easier. (more…)